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 Experience prior to VA-82, Navy since VA-82, and post Navy

Reunion Postponed until November 9th, 10th, 11th,  2021
Yes-9      No-3     No Response- 6


Commanding Officer: Tomas P. Scott  Capt USN Ret.
Relieved as CO at a Change of Command in September 1972

No for the reunion (travel health issues)

Tom and Timmie Scott
Image from Golden Eagles Website

" Stories of One Shot Scott" by T.P. Scott (Amazon)

I was recently successful in making contact with Tom Scott.  Unfortunately, Tom and Timmie will not be able to attend the reunion due to heath/travel issues. In the process of exchanging emails, I learned that he had taken notes throughout his Navy career which turned out to be the source of a collection of stories about the Navy which were published as a book, "The Stories of One Shot Scott". There were several stories about his time in VA-82, some of which I added as an update to the two chapters in the VA-82 chapters in my memoir. 
I think that everyone would enjoy reading all the stories he selected for his book.

"The Stories of One Shot Scott"

A great collection of sea stories taken from the naval career of Tom Scott Captain USN Ret.

Copyright 2013 by Thomas P. Scott

reate Space 2013

Contact Information:  email-, Home phone- (252) 232-2625, mobile (252) 202-7659
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
USAF Academy (1983-1965)
VA-195  (1965)  USS Bonhome Richard * Vietnam
VA-113  (1966-1967)  USS Kittyhawk  * Vietnam 
CTF-77   (1969-1970)  USS Constellation/USS Kittyhawk * Vietnam
Navy after VA-82: CAG 17  USS Forrestal  (1974-1979), Commanding Officer, USS Coronado  LPD-11 (1977-1979), Commanding Officer, USS Peleliu  LHA-5  CO (1979-1982), USCINCLANT/CINCLANTFLT J3 Norfolk, (1982-1984), TACWINGSLANT COS (1984-1985) NAS Oceana,  Retired Cptain USN
Post Navy:

Executive Officer/Commanding Officer: CDR Don Sumner
Became CO in September 1972

Unable to contact

CDR Don Sumner

Contact Information: 
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Executive Officer: Jerry Breast RADM USN Ret
Checked in as Executive Officer in September 1972

  Yes for reunion

Jerry  "J Felter" Breast

Jerry relieved Don Sumner as CO of VA-82 in 1973
Images from Golden Eagles Website (Image on the left colorized by Ray Thomas)

Jerry's wife's name is Byrd
Contact Information:  email:,  phone: (615) 331-2360
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
VA-66  (1959-1963), USS Intrepid and USS Enterprise- two deployments each
VX-5 China Lake  (1964-1967)  Walleye test
VSA-163  USS Oriskany (1967) A4D  * Vietnam ;    USS Oriskany (1968-1970)  *Vietnam
Navy Test Pilot Patuxent River  (1969-1972)
Navy after VA-82:
USS America OPS/XO  (1975-1977)
USS Savannah  OR-4  CO  (1979-1981)
USS Independence  CV-62  CO  (1981-1983)
Commander Carrier Group 2  USS Coral Sea  (1985-1987)
US Space Command   Operations  (1987-1990)
Retired with the rank of Rear Admiral USN
Post Navy:

Operations Officer: Leighton "Snuffy" Smith ADM USN Ret
Snuffy was the Operations Officer for the entire deployment

Yes for Reunion

 "Snuffy" Smith

 Admiral"Snuffy" Smith and Dottie
Images from Golden Eagles Website

Contact Information:  email:, phone: (703) 626-0069
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
VA-81    (1965-1966)   *Operation Rolling Thunder, North Vietnam
VA-22  (1966-1968)  *
Operation Rolling Thunder, North Vietnam
NAVPRO Dallas, Production Test Pilot  A7C/D/E  (1968-1970)
Navy after VA-82:
VA-86  CO  (1975-1977)
CAG-15  (1977-1978)
Commander Light Attack Wing One  (1980-1981)
USS Kalamazoo  AOR-6  CO  (1983-1984)
USS America CV-66  CO  (1984-1985)
Commander Battle Group Six  (1988-1989)
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and
Commander in Chief Allied Forces South (April 1994-July 1996)
Concurrently Commander of NATO led Implementation Force (IFOR) from December 1995 until July 1996- Directed NATO air strikes in support of UN forces in Bosnia

Snuffy was presented with several prestigious award toward the end of his Naval career:
Honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE)- 1996
"Tailhooker of the Year"-1997; Selected into the "Golden Eagles"-1997
Apppointed to USNA Board of Visitors by President Bush (41)
Named USNA "Distinguished Graduate" -2007
Retired with the rank of Admiral (four stars) USN

Post Navy:
Snuffy did mostly consulting work for the Defense industry after leaving the Navy. He started Leighton Smith Associates (LSA) in 1996 and was a partner in another startup company called Global Perspectives (GP). He got very busy with his company, LSA, and with consulting work with the Applied Physics Lab. He became so busy with "LSA" and with speaking engagements that he had to disassociate himself from "GP". He also sat on several Boards, none of the "big ones" but enough to make life interesting.
He decided to devote about 30% of his time to "non profit" groups so he joined the Board of Trustees at the Naval Aviation Museum and the US Naval Academy and became Chairman of both.

* Perhaps most important, Snuffy scored a "Hole in One" and shot his age (80)- November 2019

Maintenance Officer: Robert S. "Bo" Smith  Capt USN Ret.
Departed in early December for change of duty at the Royal Air Force Staff College in Bracknell, England

Yes for reunion

Bo Smith as CO of VA-174 in 1980

Bo and Diana in 2019

Contact Information:  Email:  IPhone: (904) 708-9186
Address:  2484 Egrets Glade Drive, Jacksonville, FL  32224
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82: 1966 VA-15 (A4), 1967 VA-15 (A4) 203 combat missions, USAF Exchange AT-33/F-105 Instructor Pilot (23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas
Navy after VA-82: Royal Air Force Staff College, Bracknell England; COMNAVAIRLANT (A7 Class Desk and Aide and Flag Lt), XO/CO VA-15 (A7E) USS America Med cruise, COMTHIRDFLT (Hawaii); CO VA-174 (500th trap USS America), Interim CO FACSFACJAX, XO USS Saratoga CV-60, Med cruise, CO USS Austin (LPD-4) two Med deployments, one North Atlantic/Exercise Northern Wedding deployment, Chief of Staff COMCRUDESGRUTWELVE USS Eisenhower (CVN-69) Med deployment, Operations Officer CONFAIRWESTPAC (TAD Desert Shield).
Retired July 31st, 1991 with the rank of Captain USN
Post Navy- Science Educator, Earth/Space Science, Oceanography Grant Projects: Satellite Meteorology with FSU; Project CERES with Montana State Univ (Mars science activities); Program Manager, Protein Crystals in Space (Space Shuttle/Space Station), Florida Space Research Institute (Aerospace Mentor); Retired 5/2007

Owner/Operator, Bo's Mine Tours (Blue Ridge Mountains) and Bo's Jewelry (Jacksonville); Bo's Website

Al Miller

  ? for reunion

Al Miller
(on the right front)

Contact Information:  email:            mobile:   (571) 283-1814
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Frank Gerwe
  Yes for reunion

Frank Gerwe

Frank and Nancy

Contact Information:  email:      Phone: Mobile (904) 391-0504;  Home (904) 264-2269
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82: 
Post Navy: INI Realty Investments

Bruce Page
  Yes for Reunion (No for a room)
 Bruce and Terry plan to drive from JAX for selected reunion events.

Bruce Page

Bruce and Terry Page

Contact Information:  Email:  Phone cell: (904) 476-6650  Home: (904) 388-3402
Address:  1410 Windsor Place    Jacksonville,  Fl  32205
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82: Bruce's first squadron was VA-145, a west coast Spad squadron. He completed 145 combat missions during the Ranger's 1966 and Intrepid's 1967 Vietnam deployments.
His next tour before coming to VA-82 was VT-4 in Pensacola where he taught guns and CQ (1968-1969).
Navy after VA-82: After VA-82, Bruce earned a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Navy's Post Graduate School in Monterey, California (1975). Next he was a "shooter" on the Saratoga (1975-1977) followed by a tour as FRAMP/OPS/XO at VA-174 (1977-1979).
Post Navy: After leaving the Navy, Bruce attended Law School at Florida State University. He practiced law as a litigator and appellate lawyer for 30 years. Bruce and his wife Terry recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They have five children, 17 grandchildren, and one great grandson.

Safety Officer: Charlie Sapp Capt USN Ret.
Charlie checked in after a tour flying the OV-10 in VAL-4 in the Mekong Delta

  No for reunion (foot/knee/hip issues)

Charlie Sapp

Charlie and Marcia

Contact Information:  email:
Pensacola, FL
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Charlie received his "Wings of Gold" in March, 1967.  He was "plowed back" to VT-3 at Whiting Field as a formation instructor in the T-28. He submitted a request for jet transition in July, 1968 which was denied but he was recommended for and accepted orders as a "plank owner" in VAL-4 flying the OV-10 in the Mekong Delta. He flew his first combat flight on April 11th, 1969; his last on November 27th, 1969 having flown 211 combat missions. After this tour, he was accepted for jet transition and completed A7 transition training at VA-174. He reported to VA-82 during the 1971 cruise to the Med.
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Dan Ryder (CAG 8 LSO)

  ? reunion

Contact Information:  email:
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Craig "Crash" Landon  Capt  USN Ret

 (Deceased 2019)

Gary Tabbert

Yes for Reunion

Contact Information:  email:         mobile: (206) 940-9330
Working at Boeing/California
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
After the Navy: Boeing (14 years). His son, Matt, is entering the University of Alabama fall 2020. Gary is trying to get Boeing to move the family Huntsville, Alabama

Bob Corey


Ron Brooks

  No for reunion

Ron Brooks

Ron Brooks and Jacki

Contact Information: email:      Mobile (610) 563-0496
26315 Stonewall Lane   Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82: University of Tampa, Training Command, VA-174
Navy after VA-82:Flight Instructor VT-7, Standardization Officer COMAIRWINGONE, USS Lexington
After the Navy-Flew for Eastern Airlines; B 727, B 757, A 300; US Airways; B 727, DC-9, B737, B 767, A-320; Retired 2006 Flight Safety International, Falcon Manager for five years. Flew Falcon 50, 900, and Gulfstream 550s for six years for private owners. Retired at 72;  It was a good run... Had a lot of fun.

Ray Thomas Capt USN Ret.

  Yes for reunion

Ray Thomas

Ray and Debbie

Contact Information:  Email:    Mobile Phone:  (703) 407-7724
5251 Tallulah Lake Ct   Jacksonville, FL  32224
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82: Training Command; Wings March 1980- Beeville, TX
VA-174 June 1970-November 1970
Since VA-82: USAF Exchange pilot Myrtle Beach AFB South Carolina, A7D September 1973-September 1975;
Catapult/Arresting Gear Officer and V2 Division Officer USS Forrestal (CV-59), C-1A Command Pilot, December 19785-December 1977; VA-174, Instructor Pilot/Weapons Training Phase Head, January 1978-June 1980; VA-82 Department Head (OPS)- 2 Med deployments USS Nimitz (CVN-68/CAG 8), USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) Caribbean deployment (maiden cruise) July 1980-June 1983; Naval War College (student), Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C. August 1983-May 1984, (screened for squadron command-slated to form new squadron VFA-137); F/A 18 Transition NAS Lemoore, CA June 1984-February 1985; Pre-establishment activities NAS Cecil Field-March 1985-July 1985, CO VFA-137, NAS Cecil Field, USS Coral Sea (CV-43) July 1985 to August 1987;  COMNAVAIRLANT,
A-7 Readiness Officer- October 1987-December 1989 (screened for Deputy CAG); Replacement Pilot Training: F/A 18 VFA-106, F-14A VF-101, A-6E VA-42, E-2C VAW 121,  July 1989-December 1989;  DCAG CVW 7/USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)- February 1980-January 1981; Senior Naval Representative Operation Desert Storm, Composite Wing One, Incirlik AB, Turkey January 1991-March 1991;  COMAVAIRLANT, Executive Assistant (VADMS Jack Ready and Tony Less) April 1991-April 1992 (screened for Senior CAG June 1991;  Retired April 1992 Captain USN
Post Navy: Science Applications International Corporation, northern Virginia (various locations) October 1992-April 2013, various project management., line management, business development positions.
Management Titles: Division Manager, Operations Center Manager, Assistant Vice President, Vice President Corporate Division, Operations Center Director of Business Development.

Masters Degree in Engineering Management, George Washington University, 2002

Ed Walsh

  Yes for reunion

Ed and guess who in the background
(Taken at Monaco Grace Kelly reception
during Med cruise- November, 1971)

Ed and his wife Jerri

Eddie Walsh was in VA-82 in 1971 on the Med cruise.

Contact Information:  email:        Mobile:  (913) 238-2175
Address: Sturgis Rock Solid Solutions,  550 Packard, Kansas City, KS  66105
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy since VA-82:
Post Navy:
Partner in Sturgis Rock Solid Solutions (Marble, Granite, Limestone: Custom Fabrication

Jim "Rock" Yeager

  ? for reunion

Jim "Rock" Yeager

Contact Information:  email:        Mobile:   (703) 638-9121
13860 Athens Drive, Jacksonville,  FL 32223
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Terry Ede

  ? for reunion

Terry Ede

Terry and Cheryl

Contact Information:  email:          Mobile (858) 366-5878
5120 Harbour Heights Court, San Diego, CA 92109
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Jim Kuzmick

  Yes for reunion

Jim Kuzmick

and Judy

Contact Information:  email:
Great Falls, VA
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82:
Navy after VA-82:
Post Navy:

Marv Baldwin

  ? for reunion

Marv  Baldwin

Marv and Jean

Contact Information:  email                      mobile phone: (720) 339-3329
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82: First tour pilot. Joined VA-82 December 1971
Navy after 82: After completing the VA-82 Med cruise from January to August 1974
August 1974-February 1977- VA-174 Instructor/LSO
February 1977-July 1978- CVW-1 LSO on USS Eisenhower and Kennedy flying with VA-146
August 1978- Resigned from the Navy
Post Navy: Joined Continental Airlines flying 727, DC9, MD80, 737NG. Was based in Dallas, Newark, Denver, and Houston  Captain Marvin retired from Continental in August 2005

Jim Brister

Deceased May 21st, 1972 (Heart Attack)

Wife Carol's Contact Information:  email:;  mobile phone: (719) 859-4218

Lt. Tom Weiland 

(POW December 1972-March 1973) (Deceased 1986)

Ltjg Steve Musselman

(KIA September 10th, 1972)

Ground Officers

Phil Morris (Maintenance Control Officer)

Phil Morris

Donnell "Nick" Nickens  (Maintenance Material Control Officer)

  ? for reunion

Nick Nickens

Nick and Lila

Contact Information:  email                mobile phone: (225) 313-0763
Experience Prior to Reporting to VA-82: Enlisted for 10 years prior to commissioning: AT "A" School; Aviation Electronics Technician in VP_11, Brunswick, Maine; AIMD, NAS Jacksonville; elected for NESEP (Nava;l Enlisted Scientific and Education Program); Naval Prep School in San Diego, CA; University of Mississippi where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, Commissioned as an Ensign; Aviation Maintenance Officer's School, Millington, Tenn; VA-174 (FRAMP)
Navy after VA-82: AIMD Jacksonville; Maintenance Officer, VRC-50 NAS Cubi Point; Maintenance Officer, VP 30, NAS Jacksonville; Retired May 1981
Post Navy: Adjutant DAV Department of Louisiana; Board of Directors of several corporations; Elected Parish councilman; Owned and operated several businesses and still owns a small beef cattle ranch

Hal Garrett  CWO 2 (Avionics Officer)

John Young  WO1 (Ordnance Officer  "Gunner")

John Young


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