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" If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude"

Spruce Pine Pegmatite



BA Geological Sciences '1963
50+ Graduate Hours
Military Service


Terry Parker High School
Florida Space Research Institute

"Any man may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile,

I think he can respond with a great deal of pride and satisfaction ....... I served in the U.S. Navy "

John F. Kennedy

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Bo's Mine Tours Consulting

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Native American Mica Mining Research Project

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Protein Crystals in Space

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Bo's Memoir

(Updated  March 26th, 2024)

I got this image on Facebook of poster advertised by
I have completed the following chapters (except for updates and corrections:
My Childhood through high school (1941-1959),
Cornell (1959-1963),
Navy Jet Flight Training (1963-1965),
First tour as a carrier jet pilot flying the A4 Skyhawk with the VALIONS of Attack Squadron 15 from the deck of USS Intrepid (CVS-11) VA-15 with two deployments to Vietnam in 1966 and 1967,
USAF Exchange Tour with the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing flying the F-105  Thunderchief (1968-1970), 
Completion of A7 Corsair II training at VA-174 and my Second tour as a carrier pilot with VA-82 from the deck of the USS America (CV-66) for a Med cruise in 1971 and my 3rd Vietnam deployment in 1972. Royal Air Force Staff College (1973) in England,
Staff of Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, Virginia from 1974 to 1976, My XO/CO tour in VA-15 from 1977 through April 1979, Staff of COMTHIRDFLEET in Hawaii from 1979 through 1980, My tour as CO of VA-174 from xxx, and my tour as Interim CO of FACSFACJAX from  xxx.
I am currently working on my assignment as XO of the USS Saatoga CV-60

    Unfortunately, I have had to suspend my mine tours business in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Instead, I have begun a hobby involving  selling some of my minerals minerals and designing custom made pendants and rings from my home in Jacksonville.

I will continue working with the contacts I established during my days in Spruce Pine. But, I have also rejoined the Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society and look forward to the opportunity to take classes in making cabochons and wire wrapping.

Currently, all my minerals and supplies are in my garage in Jacksonville.  I have accomplished a lot of processing in the garage and at the desk shown below.

I am working with the River City Science Academy here in Jacksonville to donate some of my minerals and rocks to support their middle school curriculum.

I have also conducted one workshop so far to provide training in how to support my philosophy of concept based learning.

RETCAPTS (Retired Captains Group)

RETCAPTS is a local social group which meets once a month for lunch. Membership in this group is extended to retired Navy Captains most whom have had a major command like command of an air wing or ship. Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis such as for POWs. We normally start with a libation of some kind followed by lunch at a local eatery. Conversation topics are varied; sea stories, military status discussions, politics, medical topics; nothing is off limits.

Members at our October 13th, 2021 get together at Mavis Seafood Restraurant

My VALION VA-15 Circa 1966/1967 Dinner at Caps
June 19th, 2020

My first squadron VA-15, had two back to back deployments Dixie and Yankee Stations off the coast of Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. I have detailed descriptions of those deployments in My Memoir. We have had any reunions since then. As the years have gone by we have lost about half of our squadron members or their wives. Three members have passed since this picture was taken in 2020; Jerry "Possum" Terrell on the left end, his wife Sarah on the left end and Dave Parsons next to me.

My Family

My Wife Diana and our Dogs and Cats

Cody and Foo (Chinese Crested Puff Balls)

GGemini and Ruby