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" If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude"

"Dilligence is the mother of good luck"
Ben Franklin


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Unfortunately, I have had to suspend my mine tours business in the montains of western North Carolina. Instead, I have begun a business/hobby selling minerals and designing custom made pendants and rings.

Currently, all my minerals and supplies are in my garage in Jacksonville.  I will continue working with contacts in Spruce Pine but have moved my base of operations from North Carolina to Jacksonville.

Recent Breaking News

My daughter Lindsay, her husband Brett, and their children, Curran(almost 6), and Liv(4) are moving from Jacksonville to Hawaii February 26th.  Brett has recently been offerred a nursing position with Queen's Hospital on Oahu. They plan to live in Halieva on the north shore. Brett's three day a week nursing shift will give him plenty of surfing time. Lindsay is looking forward to the laid back Hawaiian lifestyle and has already found a school in Halieva for Curran.

Me and my lovely wife Diana

My wife Diana and I along with our three Shih Tzu doggies (Panda Bear, Bella, and King Tut), our orange tabby cat (Gemini),
 and our American Curl cat, Ruby, live in Jacksonville, Florida. We enjoy visiting with our friends and family who live in the vicinity of Jacksonvillle.  We are tying to figure out what to do during the hot summer months now that we are no longer spending our summers enjoying an active life style in the cooler and less muggy air of the wetern North Carolina mountains.  I spend my time in the fall and winter enjoying watching the "Gators" play football," Go Gators", working with my rocks and minerals in a new "mineral lab" in our garage, and reading. I also volunteer for my alma mater Cornell by coordinating alumni contacts with applicants to Cornell in northeast Florida and coordinating college fairs.  Diana and I enjoy the fellowship of our church friends. Diana particularly enjoys  working on home decorating  and landscaping projects. We enjoy  fishing when we can both in Jacksonville or while visiting friends and family outside of town. Our latest venture is to try our hand at wine making.  We bottled our first wine, an Australian Cabernet in April 2016.  We plan to start making our second wine, a blended Argentinian Malbec in January/February 2018.  We had to sell our cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains  and will miss spending our summers there.  

Our Home and Family

Our Jacksonville home in Egrets Glade

Our three Shih Tzu dogs; King
King Tut (upper left), Panda (front) and Bella.

Our American Curl Ruby,
 and our orange tabby cat,  Gemini.

Scangarello and Gant Grandchildren-February 6th, 2018

In early February, my daughter Jessica and and her husband Tom Scangarello drove south from New Jersey headed for Jacksonvile. Enroute, they stopped in Raleigh, NC for a short visit with my daughter Stacy, her husband Jed, and their children.

Pictured here on the left are Leighton Scangarello (almost 5) and Carly Scangarello (almost 3). The baby is Alex Scangarello (born December 14th). Nora Gant (5) is giving the "pacifier" to baby Alex as Oliver Gant (9 on June 30th) looks on.

My Five Daughters and Their Families
updated February 9th, 2018

left to right: Laura, Heather, Jessica, Lindsay, Stacy

My eldest daughter Heather,
is a senior lecturer and statistical consultant at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. CA. Her husband, David is a senior biostatistitian for Westat in Maryland but works from home. Their oldest son, Austin (on the far left) is a senior physics major at Cal Berkeley. Hadden (to Austin's left) is a sophomore at  UCLA. He is a  Compter Science major .

My "second" daughter, Laura is an experienced television news producer who has her Ph.D. in Journalism from the University of Texas. Laura is the "Hearst Lecturer of Journalism"  for the  College of Journalism at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.  Her husband, Steve is a musician and private contractor. Their beautiful and talented daughter, Eiiza is eleven years  old and is enjoying her  elementary school in Columbia! Eliza is also very interested in horse back riding just as her mother was at her age!

We had a nice visit with them for a few days after Christmas.

My middle daughter, Stacy is the Director of Instructional Support Services at North Carolina State University in Ralaeigh, NC. Her group helps professors use intructional technology. Her husband, Jed, is a Media Strategist at Myriad Media, a great company in downtown Raleigh.   They have two wonderful  children;  Oliver is eight (June 30th). He enjoys "Minecraft" and collecting gems and minerals, and Nora who will be five on January 25th. Nora is very bright and a lot of fun! The dog is Penny, a yellow lab mix.


My fourth daughter, Jessica, her husband Tom and their daughters Leighton, Carly, and, as of Dec 14th, Alex. They live on Long Beach Island on the New Jersey shore.  Jessica earned her BA in Business Management at the University of North Florida while continuing her career as soloist at the Florida Ballet. Tom and Jessica have a lanndscaping business; Tom manages the operations of the business while Jessica oversees the office management side.  Their daughter Leighton will be five on February 111th. Jessica and Tom's second daughter (my 6th grand daughter), Carly Gail Scangarello will be two on March 3rd.  Their third daughter, Alex Elizabeth Scangarello was born December 14th, 2017 (7lbs. 1oz. ;  19.75")

My fifth and beautiful daughter, Lindsay, her husband, Brett and their two children Curran and Liv currently  live here in Jacksonville Florida. Lindsay minds the children while Brett works as a trama nurse in a hospital emergency care section. He is also working at home on an online BA in nursing program.

Brett loves to surf and Lindsay and the kids go to the beach often.
Their son Curran will be six on March 2nd.  Their daughter, Liv  is the 'life of the party'. She  turned four last October 9th.

They willl be moving to Hawaii on February 26th. Brett has been offered a nursing position with Queen's Hospital on Oahu. They plan to live in Halieva on the north shore.

Surf Fishing

I used to love
surf fishing off the  beach at the naval base in Mayport. But it's a lot of work getting my gear out to the beach and back.
So, these days, I have to be satisfied with fishing from boats, canals, and the JAX Beach pier (when it gets repaired-Matthew). We're looking for a spot to fish near the "little jetties" or on the base in Mayport where we can pull my Rodeo right up to a good fising spot.

Pier Fishing

This is our JAX Beach Fishing Pier set-up!

This caddy has our cooler, bait bucket, four poles,
tackle box,two folding chairs, and an umbrella.

Unfortunately, the pier is still closed for fishing due to hurricane damage.
Pier Fishing- June 20th, 2016
It was a beautiful day, cooler than usual with a nice sea breeze. We fished the incoming tide from low for five hours.
We initally caught catfish but as we fished the deeper water behind the breakers we caught a pompano, sheepshead, and a couple of "spots"; too small to keep !

Bo with a small sheepshead

Diana with two small catfish

  New Jersey "shore" fishing with Jessica and Tom at Barnegat Bay/Long Beach Island
July, 2016

Diana and I enjoyed a nice day of fishing with Tom and Jessica on Baregat Bay. We caught several fish, but the best was Jessica's 19" flounder.

We also enjoyed swiming in their saline swiming pool  especially with their daughter Leighton.

Fishing with Kay and Gene Atkinson (friends from my VA-15 navy A-4 sqadron circa 1967)
at their home on Harker's Island, North Carolina
July and October, 2016

Diana and I enjoyed boating and fishing with Kay (left) anf Gene (driving the boat)

We fished lots of places inside the outer banks, but our favorite was close to the Cape Lookout lighthouse

Gene and I flew two combat cruises together In VA-15 (USS Intrepid CV-11) over South and North Vienam in the late spring to late fall of 1966 1nd 67.

We caught lots of small fish which Gene fried with softshall crab (good eatin')!

Charter Fishing with Steve Mullin of Fish Hunter Charters
December, 2016
My five daughters gave me (for my 75th birthday) eight hours of charter fishing in the St. John's eestuary with a guide, Steve Mullin (Fish Hunter Charters). We decided to split it up in to two trips. We completed our first trip with Steve on December 19th and kept 15 of the many yelllow mouth trout we landed. We, (mostly Diana) also caught  8-10 very nice bluefish but they all were just under 12" so they are alive and getting bigger for our next trip.  We are planning to do our next trip  on November 16th.

 Steve Mullin

Steve's Boat (24' center console walk around)

December 19, 2016 Trip
Diana and me holding Yellow Mouth Trout

December 19, 2016 Trip
We took home 15 Yellow Mouth Trout

November 17, 2017 Trip
Diana holdiing her Spotted Sea Trout

Right- The total take home catch was seven nice Spotted Sea Trout (Dina's second from bottom) and two Sheepshead (caught by Steve Mullin)

Pictures of North Carolina Memories

This is a view of the cabin we had in the mountains near Spruce Pine and Burnsville North Carolins from 2008 until 2016.

This is a view of Mt. Ce,\lo of the Black Mountains from the back porch of our cabin.

 I love to spend time in the moutains of western North Carolina with Bo's Mine Tours.

Diana and King Tut waiting for Bo to return
from exploring the Hawk Mine off the Cane Creek

At a Folk Fest at our cabin

My Personal Page including Navy career, and Wedding and Family Pictures

Any man may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile,

I think he can respond with a great deal of pride and satisfaction ....... I served in the U.S. Navy "

John F. Kennedy

Lt. Bo Smith
A4 pilot in 1967 off the coast of North Vietnam
VA-15 Valions from USS Intrepid CV-11

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Bo was recently selected to be a member of the the "Golden Eagles"
We attended our first "Golden Eagle" reunion April in Orlando.
The Golden Eagles Website

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