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" If you don't like something, change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude"

My granddaughter Nora and my daughter Stacy and grandson Oliver enjoying a Zoom session.



BA Geological Sciences '1963
50+ Graduate Hours
Military Service


Terry Parker High School
Florida Space Research Institute

"Any man may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile,

I think he can respond with a great deal of pride and satisfaction ....... I served in the U.S. Navy "

John F. Kennedy

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Bo's Jewelry
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Updated April 26th, 2023

Bo's Minerals
For Sale

Updated February 1st, 2023
Bo's Mine Tours Consulting

Updated: July 9th, 2023
Native American Mica Mining Research Project

Updated February 19th, 2018
Protein Crystals in Space

Updated August 1st, 2008

National National Flight Academy (NFA) Scholarship Initiative

This program provides scholarships for a one week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) summer camp  at the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida.

 In 2022, we sent sixteen (16) students to NFA summer camps. This year, 2023, we are sending 5 students to the NFA summer deployment Sunday, July 16th through Friday, July 21st.

The Eagle Heights Tree House Resort Project

I am currently involved in assisting Clifford Kistner who is working on developing a major tree house resort in western North Carolina. My role at this point is to evaluate how the mineral deposits present on the resort's 400 acres can provide potential revenue sources and resort participant activities.
One of these activities is to set up the Wolfman Gold Mine as part of the resort. The Wofman Gold Mine will offer resort Tree House residents an opportunity to pan for gold and to participate in gem sluicing.
This is an exciting opportunity for me to stay active and relevant in my eighties!

Eagle Heights Tree House Resort Website

Wolfman Gold Mine Gold Ore

Bo's Memoir

(Updated  July 10th, 2023)

I got this image on Facebook of poster advertised by
I have completed the following chapters (except for updates and corrections:

My Childhood through high school (1941-1959),
Cornell (1959-1963),
Navy Jet Flight Training (1963-1965),
First tour as a carrier jet pilot flying the A4 Skyhawk with the VALIONS of Attack Squadron 15 from the deck of USS Intrepid (CVS-11) VA-15 with two deployments to Vietnam in 1966 and 1967,
USAF Exchange Tour with the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing flying the F-105  Thunderchief (1968-1970), 
Completion of A7 Corsair II training at VA-174 and my Second tour as a carrier pilot with VA-82 from the deck of the USS America (CV-66) for a Med cruise in 1971 and my 3rd Vietnam deployment in 1972.
Royal Air Force Staff College (1973) in England,
Staff of Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, Virginia from 1974 to 1976,
My XO/CO tour in VA-15 from 1977 through April 1979.

I am currently working on my tour in Hawaii on the Staff of COMTHIRDFLEET from 1979 through 1980

My Wonderful Wife Diana
August 16th, 2008 Wedding Pictures

The past couple of years have been challenging with the loss of our beloved Shia Tzu, King Tut (heart Failure) and COVID.
We have both had our two vaccine shots and two boosters. Diana is particularly careful as she has no immunity despite having an antibody injection in addition.

We were able to  do a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in late August/early September staying at the Richmond Inn in Spruce Pine. We were able have a nice visit with my daughter Laura and her family in Columbia, SC on our way to Spruce PIne.

We are planning another longer trip to Spruce Pine at the Richmond Inn next summer.

Diana and I have created a salt water reef tank in our family room.

Diana and I decided to set up a salt water reef tank in our family room in the fall of 2021. I purchased this 32 gal. Bio Cube
online which as you can see came with a stand. The LED lights and filter and pump systems are part of the Bio Cube. We added an additional pump to provide current for the soft and stony corals.

The first 6 month were dedicated to cycle the tank. This consists of  intentionally allowing a low cost fish or two to die and begin decomposing. The decomposition results in ammonia being produced. Over time bacteria are generated which reduce the ammonia to nitrite. The next step is for a second army of bacteria to generate  to reduce the nitrite to nitrate. Finally, nitrate reducing bacteria are produced.  The tank salt water is eventually stable with a salinity of about 1.025 and a nitrate level of less than 20.

After the tank water quality was stable, we began introducing first invertabrates (snails and hermit crabs) and fish then soft corals, and finally some stony corals.

We now test the water and make 6 gal water changes every 10 days.

Now, we have a beautiful reef tank containing fish, soft corals, and some stony corals.

Barnacles, pirate ship,
clon fish and PJ Cardinal fish
Royal Gramma fish and stony coral
Gangali Cardinal fish, clown fish,
and Mexican turbo snail

Kenyan tree soft coral and a bubble anenome
KenyaCleaner shrimp, zoa, Kenyan tree, and anenome
Bubble anenome (Gertrude) and Anenome brab (Georgina)

We like to give names to our fish. We also decided to name the anenome, Gertrude, and the anenome crab, George.
But now think the crab is female (brown spots); so she is now Georgina. Gertrude and Georgina have a symbiotic relationship.
Georgina always stays close to Gertrude.  She  keeps the intruders (ie. Cleaner shrimp) away and sometimes scrounges for food for Gertrude.
Diana enjoys target feeding pieces to Gertrude and Georgina with a forceps despite having to endure attacks from the larger (female) clown fish.

Diana and I have also been taking lessons about making jewelry using the wire wrapping technique.

Recent lesson in wire wrapping with our instructor Connie Layton during a recent visit by my sister Barbara (on the right).

I am so excited about learning as much as I can about wire wrapping.  I had a great time with Bo and our JGMS instructor Connie Layton during our first lesson and look forward to additional training and practice. Bo has purchased some tools and ordered a selection of sterling silver and gold filled wire from I  have just purchased a few new cabochons through Etsy that I intend to wrap.
Where has this hobby been all my life? I'm hooked!! 

Diana's Wire Wrapped Pendants

Diana's First Pendant:

She used 18 guage sterling silver square wire with 20 guage sterling silver round wire accents.
Diana's Second Pendant:
Nice Blue Lapis cabochon from Afghanistan.

She used 20 guage sterling silver with 22 guage gold filled round wire accents.
Diana's Third Pendant:
A sea agate cabochon.  She used
20 guage sterling silver wire with the small cross is wrapped with 18 guage round wire.

My Wire Wraped Pendants

My wire wrapping is not as artistic as Diana's.  So far, I have wrapped two Dry Creek turquoise cabs in silver.

 My first Dry Creek Mine turquoise pendant.

I used 18 guage silver square   wire, 20 guage silver round  wire and  18 guage silver half round wire.
 My second Dry Creek Mine turquoise pendant

This time I used 20 guage silver square wire and  22 guage round gold filled wire

I also do additional work with Connie Layton.
She does silver pendant settings for me
for Bo's Jewelry.

Our Home and Family

Our Jacksonville home in Egrets Glade
Jacksonville, Florida
Our Doggies
King Tut, Panda Bear, Bella
Unfortunately, all of these doggie friends are in doggie heaven!

Our American Curl Ruby,
 and our orange tabby cat,  Gemini.

My best doggie friend,
King Tut passed away on Sunday evening, October 2nd from congestive heart failure.

King Tut was a wonderful
dog and cannot be replaced.

Bo's Mine Project

I moved many of my rocks from the garage to a simulated mine dump (tailings) in my backyard so that visitors can do some mining.