Thermal City Gold Mine

                             Last Updated: May 18th, 2023

                   Phone: (828) 286-3016

I met the owner of of the Thermal City Gold Mine at the Grassy Creek Gem and Mineral Show late in July 2015. His family has owned the mine for five generations.  The area between southwest of Marion and Charlotte was mined for gold for about 20 years beginning about 1830 and was the primary source of America's gold until the big gold strike in California. You can pan the unsalted stream gravel that produced the gold for $10/person and they will provide the pan; what a deal! You have a good chance to find a flake or two of gold by panning  You can also reserve a piece of gold mining equipment called a trommel for four hours for $60.

Our first tour was for a family who decided to try panning for $10 a person

They were also given an explanation of the operation of the trommel by the owner.

Our second tour group opted to operate the trommel for $60

Loading the trommel

Cleaning the sluice

Panning the concentrate

Small nuggets and flakes from the trommel operation

Photography and website by Robert S. "Bo" Smith