Crabtree Emerald Mine

Updated May 14th, 2023
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We had several excellent tours to the Crabtree Emerald Mine. Crabtreee provides a more difficult challenge than the Sink Hole Mine in finding good specimens but it can be done. Almost everyone found some emerald.

can sign the required forms, pay the fees,  and get directions to the mine from either the MAGMA (Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association) website which manages collecting at the mine or at the Emerald Village shop next to the Bon Ami Feldspar Mine.

Crabtree Pegmatite

There is some mica and quartz in the Crabtree pegmatite

But most of the rock consists of feldspar and black tourmaline

There are three ways to find Emerald at Crabtree

1. Digging: Dig up soil and rocks, use a screen to eliminate the soil, rinse with water to expose any Emerald crystals. I am not a "digger", so can't offer any suggestions on how to use this method successfully!

2. Breaking rocks that have the Crabtree matrix (Hardrock Method):

These samples were found by using the "Hardrock Method"


I found this exceptional find of small Emerald crystals in the Crabtree matrix in August 2014 using the "hard rock method"

3. Searching the Gravel: There are several locations on the tailings where the surface is gravel. Searching the gravel either visually or by using a sieve to inspect the gravel can result in finding some small emeralds in crabtree matrix and various beryl crystals.

Spectacular find by searching through the tailings Gravel.

I was still unloading my Bo's Mine Tours Isuzu Rodeo truck at the start of our tour when this young lady on the right brought me this spectacular 4ct Emerald crystal she had just found in the gravel.

I received many requests for a tour of Crabtree w
hen I posted this picture on the left on my Bo's Mine Tours website,

Other Minerals Commonly Found at the Crabtree Emerald Mine

Common grassy green Beryl crystals

Golden Beryl in Feldspar

pink Thulite in Feldspar

Black tourmaline crystals in Feldspar

Crabtree Tour Pictures

Upper right part of wood frame mine entrance can be seen if the lake water is clear

Typical tour group

View of mine tailings from the road
(The lake and mine entrance is behind you)

Crabtree Emerald Matrix Jewelry

I made this Crabtree Emerald cabochon. A good friend of mine, Anita Lawson, made the silver wire wrap.

I have it for sale on my Bo's Jewelry Website for $400. If you are interested in purchasing it, send me an email at and I will give you a 10% discount and free shipping if you mention the code word

Superior Quality Crabtree Emerald matrix
Cabochon size: 45mm X 28mm X 8mm

Features numerous emerald crystals including one 6 x 6 crystal and several black tourmaline crystals

Website and images by Robert S "Bo" Smith