Jerry O. Tuttle, VADM USN Ret.

VADM Tuttle died on October 30th, 2018 and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on March 14th, 2019

VADM Tuttle was transported from the Ft. Myer Old Chapel to Arlington as appropriate for his rank.

The flag was folded,  approriate gun salutes were fired, and a division of  F/A 18 aircraft from NAS Oceana. VA flew a "missing man" formation.

The folded flag was presented to his widow, Barbara Tuttle

The weather was mild with clear skies.  Most of Jerry's large family were present as were most of Jerry's squadron mates and their wives and widows from his favorite squadron, VA-15 circa 1966/67. VADM Tuttle was a Golden Eagle.  Many of his fellow Golden Eagles were present.

A reception was held at the Ft. Myer Officer's Club following the burial.

VA-15 circa 1966/67 join the widow, Barbara Tuttle, at the reception for a group picture.

March 15th and 16th

The next day, March 15th, the members of VA-15 circa 1966/67  drove to Virginia Beach, Virginia for a reunion.  Barbara was unable to attend due to the large number of family members in Washington for the funeral. However, she vowed to make the next reunion!
The group stayed at the Gateway Inn and Suites at Dam Neck.  Most of the reunion events were held at the Warriors Taphouse.

The Warriors Taphouse is owned by David Culler, Jr, the son of "Dixie" Culler who was a member of VA-15 circa 1966/67. "Dixie" was killed in an A7 Corsair accident as a pilot in Jerry Tuttle's squadron VA-81. VADM Tuttle looked after David Jr from then on; presenting him with his Wings of Gold and speaking at his Change of Command as an F/A 18 Commanding Officer.

VALions Attending the Reunion

Top Row: Bo and Diana Smith, John Newman (Smeds) and Beverly Black, Tony and Kathy Isger, Jerry "Possum" Terrell and Sarah
Next row: Moon Moreau and Marcie, Dave North and Vicky, Gene "Wimpy" Atkinson and Kay, David Culler Jr. and his son
Next Row: Marce Strickland and Bob Kryter, Dave "Quack" MacMillan and Janet, Dave Thornhill and Jane, Dick Nolte and Diana
Bottom Row: Bob Cole and Paula, Miller Detrick and Connie, Cigar Smokers (left to right)- Dick NOlte, Gene Atkinson, Bo Smith, Miller Detrick, "Doc" MacMillan,  Lower Right corner- Bob Hamel, Sandy Culler in the middle, and Lynn Hamel.
Thank you Connie Detrick for producing this outstanding montage!!

Note 1: Sandy Culler is Dixie Culler's widow and Dvid Culler Jr's mom
Note 2: David Culler Jr's wife Ghada is not pictured here because she was busy making sure everything went smoothly from.a Warriors Taphouse perspective.
            She did a fantantic job!

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