The Air War Over


Updated January 30th, 2020

General (1964-1973):

"On Yankee Station", The Naval Air War over Vietnam

Cdr. John B. Nichols, USN Ret. (F8C Crusader pilot)
and Barrett Tillman (award winning naval historian)

Blue Jacket Books, Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, Maryland

Originally written in the 1980s, this is an outstanding summary and analysis including valuable lessons learned from the Naval air war over Vietnam.  The version I read was republished by the Naval Institute as a paperback in 1987 with a Foreward written by Steven Coontz, the author of "Flight of the Intruder".

"Alpha Strike Vietnam"
The Navy's Air War 1964 to 1973

Jeffrey L. Levinson

Preidio Press
Novato, California

Rolling Thunder (1965-1967):

"Bloody Sixteen",
The USS Oriskany and Airwing 16 during the Vietnam War

Peter Fey

Potomac Books
University of Nebraska Press

"Tripple Sticks"

Tales of a few young men in the 1960s

Bernard Fipp

Outskirts  Press, Inc.
Denver, Colorado

Linebacker 1 (May 8th-October 23rd), Linebacker 2 (December 18th-December 30th, 1972):

"Above Average",
Naval Aviation The Hard Way

D.D. Smith

ISBN 9781986283090

"Flight of the Intruder"

Stephen Coontz

St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 978-1-250-08582-5

Close Air Support in the Mekong Delta

"Flying Black Ponies"
The Navy's Close Air Support Squadron in Vietnam (VAL 4 OV-10s)

Kit Lavell

Naval Institute Press

ISBN: 159114468-7 (Paperback)

US Air Force:

"Thud Ridge, Flying the F-105 Thunderchief in combat over Vietnam"

Colonel Jack Broughton USAF Ret.

Crecy Publishing Limited
Printed in Malta by Gutenberg Press Ltd

ISBN: 9 780859 791168

"The Hunter Killers"

The Extraordinary story of the first Wild Weasels

Dan Hampton

Harper Collins Publishers
New York, NY

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