National Flight Academy Scholarship Initiative

for the Greater Jacksonville area

(Updated September 14th, 2019)

The National Flight Academy is located adjacent to the Naval Aviation Museum at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida.
The Academy offers a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum.
Students spend most of their time working on STEM projects in an aircraft carrier environment.

Learn more details and take a five minute tour on their website:

National Flight Academy Website

The National Flight Academy offers a variety of programs; including:

One Day Programs (Adventures) and Three Day Programs (Cruises)


Six Day summer programs (Deployments)

The objective of our National Flight Academy Scholarship Initiative for Greater Jacksonville area students is to get funding and select students for a six day "Deployment" for 10 students

Our National Flight Academy Scholarship Initiative program consists of two phases:

Phase One: Get enough funding to pay for tuition and transportation costs ($18,000)

Tuition for each student will be $1250/student ($12,500 total) for the Six Day summer program (Deployment). We already have 10 slots reserved for July 19th through July 24, 2020.  We will have to pay a deposit in December to hold these reserved slots.  We have a verbal contract with East Coast Transportation of Jacksonville (fully insured) for a 13 passenger van to take the students and their luggage to and from the Academy.  The cost of this transportation is estimated at $5140 or $514 per student.  We plan to sign a written contract with First Coast Transportation as soon as we have sufficient funding ; hopefully also in December.

The total required to accomplish this task is $17,640 plus minimal administrative costs!

We have established the following Donation Categories

$2,000- Donation will result in a single scholarship named for the person/corporation making the donation

Students receiving a named scholarship will write an after action letter to the person making the donation.

$1,500- Donation or above will result will result in use of the corporate logo on this webpage

If a corporation or organization can get to the $,2000 level through a combination of corporate and individual employee donations, we will establish a named scholarship for that corporation or organizationFor example; we will attempt to get a combination funds from the local Bald Eagle Squadron of the Association of Naval Aviation to achieve at least one Bald Eagle Squadron/ANA Scholarship.

We have not sought 503 status or Corporation C status at this point.
We will attempt this if there is sufficient interest to continue this initiative to 2021 and beyond.
In the meantime, we are using a dedicated individual checking account at Navy Federal Credit Union in the name of Robert S. Smith.
Donation checks should be made out to Robert S. Smith (Do not put National Flight Academy in the Pay to the Order of line!
Instead, we
recommend you put for National Flight Academy Initiative the Memo Line.

Status of Donations ($2,000) ($16,000 to go)

Paul and Nina Goodwin Scholarship- $2,000

Phase Two: Selection of Students

We plan to start the student selection process as soon as we have sufficient funding; hopefully in January!

We will establish contact with the relevant persons at the Duval, St. Johns, Clay, and Nassau County School Boards to make them aware of these scholarshipsThe National Flight Academy provides curriculum for 7th through 12th grades.  However, our target group is 8th graders rising to 9th grade and 9th graders rising to 10th grade. Our rationale for targeting this group is based on lessons learned from Dr. Robert Ballard's JASON Project and the Protein Crystals in Space Program in Florida Schools.  These programs revealed that motivating 8th and 9th graders through STEM programs is effective in the student selecting a more challenging curriculum in high school and positively affects their work ethic.

We plan to have students fill out applications for the scholarships. They will write a short essay on why they want to participate in the program. The application will also include a financial statement so that we can vary the amount of the scholarship depending on financial needEach family will make a non refundable financial commitment to reduce cancellations We plan to select 10 primary scholarships and a few alternates in case of cancellations. 

If you have any questions, please email them to me at:

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