Fishing Pictures
Updated January 2nd, 2020

Surf Fishing

I used to love surf fishing off the  beach at the naval base in Mayport. But it's a lot of work getting my gear out to the beach and back.

So, these days, I have to be satisfied with fishing from boats, canals, and the JAX Beach pier (when it gets repaired-Matthew). We're looking for a spot to fish near the "little jetties" or on the base in Mayport where we can pull my Rodeo right up to a good fising spot.

Pier Fishing

This is our JAX Beach Fishing Pier set-up!

This caddy has our cooler, bait bucket, four poles,
tackle box,two folding chairs, and an umbrella.

Unfortunately, the pier is still closed for fishing due to hurricane damage.
Pier Fishing- June 20th, 2016
It was a beautiful day, cooler than usual with a nice sea breeze. We fished the incoming tide from low for five hours.
We initally caught catfish but as we fished the deeper water behind the breakers we caught a pompano, sheepshead, and a couple of "spots"; too small to keep !

Bo with a small sheepshead

Bo with a nice bluefish

Diana with a small bvaitfish

Diana with two small catfish

Lehman and Marianne Barnes

Lehman with a nice fish

Other Jacksonville Fishing Locations

Left: Fishing with Diana at the Marsh Landing Marina
on Harbor View Drive. I caught a very nice 22" Red from this dock.

Right: Fishing from the bulkhead at the small public park adjacent to the Safe Harbor Restaurant off Beach Blvd.  The advantage of fishing at this spot, is that if you don't catch anything, you can go next door to the restaurant for a fresh fish dinner.

Fishing on the The Norma K out of Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Diana and I try to go fishing with my sister Barbara when we visit her in Toms River, New Jersey.

We fish on a party boat, the Norma K out of Point Pleasant. We usually go for the afternoon trip.

Depending on the time of the season, they fish for flounder, sea bass, or blue fish.

The summer flounder in New Jersey are quite a bit bigger than the ones normally caught in Jacksonville in the St. Johns River.

The minimum length for flounder in New Jersey is 20"

 New Jersey "shore" fishing with Jessica and Tom at Barnegat Bay/Long Beach Island
July, 2016

Diana and I enjoyed a nice day of fishing with Tom and Jessica on Baregat Bay. We caught several fish, but the best was Jessica's 19" flounder.

We also enjoyed swimming in their saline swimming pool  especially with their daughter Leighton.

Fishing with Kay and Gene Atkinson (friends from my VA-15 navy A-4 squadron circa 1967)
at their home on Harker's Island, North Carolina
July and October, 2016

Diana and I enjoyed boating and fishing with Kay (left) and Gene (driving the boat)

We fished lots of places inside the outer banks, but our favorite was close to the Cape Lookout lighthouse

Gene and I flew two combat cruises together In VA-15 (USS Intrepid CV-11) over South and North Vietnam in the late spring to late fall of 1966 1nd 67.

We caught lots of small fish which Gene fried with softshell crab (good eatin')!

Charter Fishing with Steve Mullin of Fish Hunter Charters
December, 2016
My five daughters gave me (for my 75th birthday) eight hours of charter fishing in the St. John's eestuary with a guide, Steve Mullin (Fish Hunter Charters). We decided to split it up in to two trips. We completed our first trip with Steve on December 19th and kept 15 of the many yelllow mouth trout we landed. We, (mostly Diana) also caught  8-10 very nice bluefish but they all were just under 12" so they are alive and getting bigger for our next trip.  We are planning to do our next trip  on November 16th.

 Steve Mullin

Steve's Boat (24' center console walk around)

November 17, 2017 Trip
Diana holding her Spotted Sea Trout

Right- The total take home catch was seven nice Spotted Sea Trout (Dina's second from bottom) and two Sheepshead (caught by Steve Mullin)

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